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The Best Backlink Building Strategies – 7 Strategies For Every Business

By the Rhino Rank team
20th Jul 2023

Are you aiming to increase your website’s traffic, domain authority, and search engine rankings in the upcoming year? Then this comprehensive guide we have created is essential for you! Backlinks remain crucial today as they always have been when it comes to succeeding online. Herein lies an exploration of powerful backlink strategies that will help elevate your performance over the SERPs.

Short Summary

  • SEO requires a focus on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks for domain authority, search engine rankings, and website traffic.

  • Comprehensive Content Creation strategies such as original research, influencer partnerships, and guest posting can help attract high-quality backlinks.

  • Analyzing competitor profiles and utilizing link exchange agreements are essential tactics for successful link building.

The Importance of Backlinks

In the realm of search engine optimization, obtaining relevant and natural backlinks is more important than ever. As such, a successful backlink strategy calls for prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to building links from authoritative sites through strategies like video tutorials or leveraging influencer partnerships. This will be especially critical for driving traffic and improving domain authority on blog posts as well as appearing higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs). Due to Google’s regular algorithm updates, one must ensure their link-building tactics remain current with broken link opportunities that can aid them in achieving high-quality backlinks.

Quality Over Quantity

Prioritizing quality should be top of mind when creating backlinks. Quantity comes second in this case since sourcing high-quality connections from reputable sites not only boosts search engine ranking but also elevates your website’s credibility and authority. In contrast, utilizing low standard links can damage the page’s trustworthiness and may incur penalties by web crawlers. If you give priority to developing high quality backlinks, you’ll ensure that you’re building links in-line with Google’s Penguin algorithm. 

Low quality links can often be ignored and disavowed by Google due to their Penguin algorithm. Penguin is designed to identify low quality, spammy links that serve no purpose. If Google detects unnatural link building (often in the form of low quality links) – it will simply ignore those links and give you zero value. As such, it’s always better to focus on quality links with strong metrics that drive real authority.


#1 – Outsource Your Link Building

While building links yourself can be lucrative and can save you money compared to outsourcing it to a link building agency – it’s important to remember the old adage of “Time is money”. Link building is a very time consuming process – often involving outreach to hundreds of webmasters. Some link outreach campaigns only achieve a 10% success rate – meaning for every 10 emails you send, only 1 link is secured. 

For that reason, most businesses and even digital marketing agencies outsource their link building to agencies like us. We only focus on the two link types we believe work the best – Curated Links and Guest Posts. Because we have built an extensive database of relationships with webmasters, our link success rate is more in the region of 80%. 

You Know Exactly What You’re Getting

When you choose to outsource your link building to an agency, you know exactly what you’re going to get. Rhino Rank works in a similar way to most other backlink agencies – we allow you to order links based on the metrics you choose. You’re in complete control of your backlink strategy, and you know what’s going to be delivered.

When you go it alone, you don’t know what links you’re going to secure. You could spend a week on an outreach campaign, only to secure several low authority links. Meeting link building targets can often be thrown out of the window when going alone – because you aren’t able to consistently build backlinks that align with your overall SEO strategy.

While over 1,500+ SEO’s trust Rhino Rank with their link building campaign, we know that it’s also a priority for some SEO’s to take matters into their hand. The below 6 strategies work exceptionally well for obtaining links that drive strong SEO results.

#2 – Comprehensive Content Creation

In order to acquire more backlinks and enhance domain authority, producing content that is both interesting and informative is key. Such compelling materials can bring about increased trust from readers while also attracting links for link building activities. There are various types of resources available such as infographics, interviews, resource pages, or evergreen articles that could be utilized in this regard.

Other strategies you may want to adopt include conducting research studies yourself, collaborating with influencers and making use of guest posting opportunities. These tactics, when combined with strategic backlink strategies (like tiered link building), should deliver a higher volume of incoming links to your website’s key pages and eventually improve their overall keyword rankings.

Ultimate Guides

An Ultimate Guide is a thorough resource for readers looking to gain insight into any given topic on one page. This type of guide can attract and maintain quality backlinks on an ongoing basis, making it a perfect asset as far as securing high-quality links from other websites goes. Like with our own “Ultimate Guide to YouTube SEO”, which has generated impressive organic traffic and numerous targeted backlinks.

Creating such guides entails careful planning, intensive research, and keeping your target audience’s needs top of mind while crafting the material, giving actionable insights that are both valuable and applicable should be the main focus throughout this process. By providing comprehensive information alongside engaging content, you will not only acquire those sought after inbound links but also cultivate trust among visitors who keep coming back for more trustworthy advice on their next endeavor!

Original Research and Data

By creating unique content and offering up original research, you can make your work more attractive for backlinks. Journalists are always interested in fresh data, which means that presenting new facts or studies is a great way to get visibility online. Developing exclusive material helps raise the authority of your domain name as well as establish yourself as an expert within your industry.

One cost-effective form of conducting extensive research can be through surveys – Breeze’s poll on remote working was able to generate quality links for only $10 per one! Investing time into researching ideas nobody else has done before will help differentiate you from other competitors while also providing incredibly valuable insights – so it’s worth doing if possible!

#3 – Utilizing Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting is a powerful tool for building backlinks and improving your status within your area of expertise. By crafting quality content to be published on other websites, you can generate beneficial links leading directly to your own website while also demonstrating the value of what you offer. Through guest posts, it’s possible to reach an expanded audience as well as build relationships with industry professionals in related fields.

To make full use of available guest posting opportunities, it comes down to knowing which sites are relevant for promotion amongst the correct people, by pinpointing suitable locations that match both requirements accurately. Once found create articles packed with useful information tailored towards the readership involved so these have natural mentions linking through them elsewhere around where they’re posted and ultimately going back again at those mentioned before aiming direct access from there onto your site once more!

Finally, following this roadmap will open up solutions concerning how most effectively craft impressive entries successfully plus research approaches worth applying here when seeking good fit options.

Finding Targeted Websites

To make the most out of your backlink plan, you must identify well-suited websites for guest posting. One way to do this is by looking up someone in your field who has posted multiple times as a guest author and taking note of the headshot used on their bio page from one post. Inputting this image into Google reverse search can provide you with sites where they’ve already been accepted as an external writer.

When pinpointing potential places, take into account aspects such as domain authority, its corresponding audience, and how related it is to what industry sector you are trying to reach high quality links from – the more these alignments fit together nicely. The better chance there will be for good outcomes, like gaining strong connections with publishers who may turn out influential in the long run plus the acquisition of high quality backlinks quickly with minimal effort made!

Crafting High-Quality Guest Posts

Producing outstanding guest posts is a great way to earn valuable backlinks and have an enduring effect on your target audience. To come up with an attractive post, focus on furnishing relevant material that meets the demands and interests of visitors to the chosen website. Also, try incorporating organic hyperlinks pointing to your own site where appropriate, making sure these links offer value rather than coming across as too promotional or strained.

When delivering guest posts, be sure you follow guidelines regarding content given by the respective page. Also, remember that properly researched writing that flows nicely without any grammar errors should always accompany such pieces! By generating high-caliber work regularly, not only do you Establish yourself in the field, but there will likely be more opportunities for future submissions at trusted websites featuring large domain authority scores (DA).

#4 – Leveraging Influencer Partnerships

Leveraging influencers in your space can expand outreach, and acquire valuable backlinks for your site. By engaging with niche-specific personalities who have a sizable following, you get access to their audience as well as endorsements that come along with it. This has the potential to yield website traffic spikes, improved domain authority ratings, and upgraded search engine standings.

To capitalize on working with these sorts of individuals successfully is crucial, there must be meticulous research done into relevant influencers plus building connections based around mutual benefit should take center stage. We are about to explore methods that will help detect suitable celebrities within our target field before putting together profitable partnerships aimed at achieving results similar to those mentioned earlier.

Identifying Relevant Influencers

Identifying relevant influencers for your brand is necessary to make the most of any collaboration. To do this, assess what type of people comprise your target audience and notice who has a strong following as an authority in their respective field. Using influencer marketing software can assist you with finding key persons to correspond with the demographic you desire to reach out to.

When looking at each individual’s profiles prior to partnering up, consider factors such as engagement level on social media posts along with content quality and how well they embrace core values presented by your business image overall. Picking those online celebrities that align best with these parameters increases chances of forming successful relationships and maximizing desired goals from them mutually over time!

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Creating alliances with influencers is essential to getting the most out of these partnerships. To build a solid relationship, offer rewards such as products or services without charge, discounted rates, or select access to content in return for promotion and backlinks. Also, make sure you communicate your expectations clearly so there’s no confusion. Give input on how they are performing to guarantee success from this collaboration.

It’s important not just to view working together once, but to create ongoing connections that need special attention and care which will be beneficial over time- connecting brands more strongly with their consumers while also generating useful links when done properly. Commitment towards developing strong relationships yields excellent returns – gaining stronger advocates who can enhance your brand’s message thus expanding potential growth in the long run.

#5 – Harnessing Social Media for Backlink Generation

Using social media can be a great way of sharing content, connecting with your audience, and building backlinks. If you post interesting material that gets shared by others and join online communities, then this will help build links to your site. To make the most out of these platforms for link-building, it is important to produce good quality content as well as take part in interactions on those networks. In the paragraphs below we’ll explain tactics such as how best to share engaging posts along with methods used when taking part in various digital forums which are likely to lead to more backlinks from other sites.

Sharing Engaging Content

Creating share-worthy material for social media is vital to getting backlinks. To make content that resonates with your followers, it’s important to be informed of their preferences and craft something both interesting and enlightening. Visuals such as videos are normally more engaging than written posts. Thus increasing the chances they will be shared by viewers.

To maximize the range of this captivating content, making sure it fits each platform’s standards should not go unnoticed – as every social network has its own specific guidelines in regards to performance optimization which can lead to valuable connections.

Participating in Online Communities

Getting involved with online communities and forums can be hugely beneficial for building your brand, forming ties in the industry, and getting backlinks to your website. By being an active contributor that offers meaningful insight you can become a respected member of any niche community, this may result in more people sharing your work as well as linking back to it from their own websites.

If you want successful participation within these circles, then make sure that whatever content you post is tailored towards addressing the needs/interests of those present. Take part in conversations when possible and strive to always provide value while engaging others – ultimately allowing for long-term relationships alongside gaining invaluable SEO links.

#6 – Exploring Link Exchange Opportunities

To maximize website traffic, domain authority and enhance search engine rankings, link exchange opportunities may prove to be quite beneficial. Exchanging links with other online platforms that share a common target audience as well as relevant content can result in improved visibility for both sides involved along with increased performance of the search engine itself.

For successful link exchanges, one must first identify websites suitable to such agreements before moving on to establishing them accordingly. In the following sections, we will expand on the following sections. On how best to recognize eligible sites and create advantageous deals when it comes to mutually supportive linking strategies.

Identifying Suitable Websites

To secure effective link exchange partnerships, one should focus on websites that share similar target audiences and content. This increases the potential for high-quality backlinks as well as fostering enduring relationships with powerful publishers. To identify suitable sites to partner with, conduct an industry review of current domains. To look at domain authority along with utilizing available backlink analysis tools. Through this careful selection process based on niche similarities and audience matching, one can get maximum return from these collaborations while boosting overall website performance metrics.

Establishing Link Exchange Agreements

After you’ve found the most fitting websites to exchange links with, it’s time to make an agreement. This is usually a mutual agreement that involves both sites agreeing to link to each other’s content in order for everyone to benefit from this arrangement.

To do so, contact the related website and suggest connecting your blogs through their site if they are willing to link back to yours as well. Negotiate what should be included. Such details as the positioning of these connections or how often exchanges occur must all be discussed thoroughly.

As long as clear expectations exist between partners while keeping constant communication during the process, then results will come quickly, which makes everybody happy!

#7 – Analyzing Competitor Backlink Profiles

Gathering data from competitor backlink profiles can be incredibly insightful and help you craft a strategy to stay ahead in the competition. To do this, it’s necessary to use specialized analysis tools that will provide insights into your competitors’ techniques for building high-quality links and other tactics employed by them. In what follows, we’ll discuss how these types of analyses should factor into the development of an effective link acquisition plan to maintain superiority over rivals.

Exploring others’ approaches via analyzing their backlinks allows us to recognize any new potential opportunities or paths that may lead to the successful gaining of quality links. Thus helping keep up with stiff industry rivalry. Through examining the existing hyperlinks they hold plus methods used in obtaining those connections one is able to derive tips on strategies suitable for acquiring desired end results while remaining at the forefront using the same technique.

Using Backlink Analysis Tools

Using tools like Ahrefs Backlink Checker, Moz Link Explorer, and Google Search Console can help you gain insight into your opponents’ backlinks. Analyzing their links will give you a better understanding of the sources they use for building backlinks. To any strategies or areas for progress that might exist.

These instruments also reveal important data such as how many referring domains there are, the excellence of those external links as well as what types of content generate more hyperlinks. By using this information properly one may identify possible chances to improve his/her own link-building process giving them a competitive edge with others within their space.

Adapting Your Strategy

To remain ahead of the competition, it is necessary to regularly update and improve your link building strategy. Reviewing what’s working for others in a similar field can help you develop an effective plan that capitalizes on potential benefits while avoiding common pitfalls. Utilize tactics that are successful among competitors while also trying something new based on your own objectives – staying agile ensures long-term success in this ever-changing digital arena. With careful monitoring and adaptation, taking advantage of opportunities will keep you one step ahead when crafting your backlink strategy for maximum impact.


Having an effective backlink strategy in place is essential for attaining higher search engine rankings, website traffic and domain authority. Focusing on quality instead of quantity while creating comprehensive content, searching out guest blogging opportunities plus connecting with influencers through social media are the main tactics to build a successful approach. Link exchange methods as well as studying rivals’ backlinks should also be taken into consideration.

Staying ahead in this fast-paced world means staying committed to learning more and refining your technique continuously. It’s how you can reach all those targets set before starting any online project or endeavor!