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Unlike other link building strategies, Curated Links don’t require you to create new content. Instead, through a process of manual and genuine outreach, we secure your links into pre-existing, highly relevant articles or blog posts that are on authoritative domains related to your niche.

This link building service is extremely effective for building a strong and relevant link portfolio, driving value to target keywords, and delivering consistent, long-term SEO results for our clients.

The benefits of Curated Links

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Our Curated Links are the most cost-effective link building method available.

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Faster implementation

It is easier to find website owners that accept links than it is to create and pitch brand new content.

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Faster results

It is possible to start seeing results as soon as the links are live and the pages have been re-indexed.

Link building pricing to suit your SEO campaign

We work on a volume-based model with low-profit margins, which means our pricing is the cheapest in the industry. Cut out the middlemen and buy curated links directly from the source.

Individual Links

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Why Choose our curated links?
  • Natural and relevant contextual backlinks, manually secured by our in-house team

  • Quality assured by our dedicated quality control team

  • Backed by our 5-step human outreach process (see below)

  • Fully transparent white-label report delivered once your order is completed

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Curated Link Building

What Are Curated Links?

Curated Links, also known as “Niche Edits“, are one of the most effective and affordable ways of obtaining relevant and authoritative backlinks, offering quick and sustainable SEO results for your website.

We’ve redesigned the status quo, and in the process, helped thousands of clients achieve #1 rankings across the board. You might be skeptical about placing links in existing content and that’s fine. But our client’s results highlight just how effective this form of all-natural, 100% human editorial outreach is.

Why do people choose to buy backlinks from Rhino Rank? Simple. We are the best link building company and our high quality backlinks are all achieved through a manual outreach process, custom-tailored to your website and industry. We look for a relevant blog post and page, manually reach out to real webmasters, and naturally weave your anchor text and link into the post. We can handle volume too – no matter whether you’re an independent business owner or an agency that has 2 clients or 200 – we’re built to scale with you.

So what’s stopping you? Start your journey to higher keyword rankings and see why we’re trusted by over 2,500+ SEOs for curated link building.

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Contextually relevant links that drive results

After finding a suitable blog post or webpage for your link, we work directly with the website owners to seamlessly blend your link into their content. Our UK-based in-house team of experts will then create the content to surround your link, ensuring your links are of the best written quality available.

  • Relevant Content
  • Expertly Written
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Link Packages for agencies and freelancers

We’re built for agencies and freelancers who want to drive real results for their clients. This means our curated links are the perfect solution for you to deliver to your client and still make a healthy profit.

  • 25%Cheaper than competitors
  • 150%ROI for resold links
  • 8%Savings When Bought As Packages
We use Majestic

High metric links driven by referring domains

We use Majestic, an industry-leading SEO tool, to measure each site’s Referring Domains, ensuring we only deliver genuine and powerful links to our clients. This also enables us to drive value and earn results in some of the most challenging markets, such as insurance, FinTech, and real estate.

  • 100% Genuine links
  • Industry Leading Software
Rhino Rank's

5-step Curated Links outreach process

Every order starts with a comprehensive outreach process that ensures we only build Curated Links on real websites, owned by real people.

  • Step
    Internal Research

    We will research your niche and target URL to fully understand your target market, helping us to find the most suitable placements for your links.

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  • Step
    Find a Relevant Link Placement

    Using your order details and our research, our outreach team will crawl previous relationships and Google SERPs to find the most suitable and relevant websites for your link.

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  • Step
    Pitch the Link Acquisition

    Once we have found the placement for your curated link, our outreach team will contact the website owner to pitch the link acquisition.

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  • Step
    Secure the Link

    Whilst liaising with the webmaster, our content writing team will provide extra content to support your link and ensure it appears both relevant and natural. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team will then check the link to ensure it meets your requirements and our standards.

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  • Step
    Deliver Your Report

    Once your order is complete, we’ll deliver a fully transparent report to your dashboard of all your link placement URLs, which can also be exported in a non-branded file ready for whitelabelling.

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No questions asked – money back guarantee

If you’re unhappy with your first order (up to $485), we will remove all of the links and refund you in full. No questions asked.

  • Up to $485
  • No questions Asked

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Curated Link Building FAQs

The FAQs below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Don't worry if your question isn't here, simply get in touch with our customer support team and we'll be happy to help.

What are Curated Links?

Curated Links are backlinks to your website that are inserted into pre-existing, high authority, and relevant content. Each curated link acts as a vote of confidence for a website, as search engines use these links to assess a website's credibility and authority. Therefore, curated links enable websites to benefit from greater visibility, improved keyword rankings, and increased traffic numbers.

How Do Curated Links Work?

Curated links, also known as niche edits or in-content backlinks, are extremely effective because the content that the link is placed in already exists, is indexed, and has amassed powerful authority within Google’s index. For this reason, this link building strategy often delivers faster, long-term SEO results for our clients.

Are Curated Links "White Hat"?

Google says that if you building links or paying for links then you’re going against their guidelines. However, our curated links are designed in such a manner that they always look genuine as real website owners are placing the links themselves – which is exactly what Google says should be happening.

Do You Accept Adult And Gambling Links?

Yes! We have a unique set of connections with bloggers, journalists, and site owners who do allow Adult and Gambling links to be placed on their sites. We ensure that these don’t overlap with our “normal” client orders to keep these niches separate from non-adult and non-gambling markets.

How Do Curated Links Differ From Guest Posts?

While guest posts involve creating and publishing a new piece of content on another website, curated links and niche edits involve adding a link to an existing article or page. Both strategies aim to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic, but they involve different processes.

What is RD (Referring Domains)?

RD is an acronym for 'Referring Domains'. In short, RD refers to how many unique domains link to a specific website. For example, if a website has a total of 15,000 backlinks from 536 different domains, then the site would have an RD of 536.

How Do You Choose The Right Websites For Curated Links?

We carefully select websites based on several factors, including relevance to your niche, Referring Domains (RD), Domain Authority (DA), organic traffic, and overall website quality. Our goal is to ensure that your niche edits are placed on reputable websites that align with your industry and target audience.

Can I Pre-Approve Link Placements?

Unfortunately no, you will not be able to pre-approve curated link placements. However, you can review the link placements as we secure them through your Rhino Rank dashboard report.

The bulk of our team's time is spent conducting manual outreach and securing the link placement, and as every link is placed so it appears as natural and organic as possible. So, there is no need to pre-approve the link placement and we’re 100% confident you’ll be impressed with our link placements.

Can I Request Curated Links In Languages Other Than English?

Currently, we only provide curated links and niche edit services in English. However, we are continuously expanding our services and may offer niche edits in other languages in the future.

What Anchor Text Should I Use?

We guarantee that a link will remain in place for at least 12-months, and will replace any links that drop off within this time.

How Long Do Curated Links Last For?

In an ideal world, forever. However, this isn't always the case - as websites often expire, or website owners change their websites purpose. Because we don't control or own the websites we build links on, we ultimately cannot control their lifespan. However, we do guarantee they will be live for at least 12-months, and will replace any links which fall off within 12-months.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Curated Link Order?

When you buy buy niche edits, from outreach to link placement, the process typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks. However, this timeline may vary depending on the target website's responsiveness and editorial schedule.