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Mortgage Link Building Case Study

Explore this case study to discover the power of Rhino Rank's curated link building strategies. We’ll talk you through how we helped a mortgage broker increase their website traffic and reach position one for their target keywords. 


12 months

Traffic Increase


Monthly Budget


The Challenge

With spiraling interest rates and ever-increasing house prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult for mortgage brokers to find new clients.

Our client, a leading mortgage broker in the United States, struggled to get their website on page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This meant they were losing out on valuable organic traffic that had the potential to drive prospective clients to their website and increase the number of mortgage deals they were securing.

Faced with this challenge, they turned to Rhino Rank with a clear objective: they wanted to improve their keyword rankings and increase their brand visibility. In this case study, we showcase how our curated link building campaign, which was specifically tailored to our client’s goals and industry niche, helped them scale the SERPs, skyrocket their website traffic and ultimately grow their revenue stream.

The Solution

Whenever a new client joins Rhino Rank, the first thing we do is carry out a comprehensive website audit so we know what we’re working with. In this instance, this allowed us to determine what keywords our client was currently ranking for, and the amount of organic traffic they were generating. 

With a monthly budget of up to $1,000 dedicated to Curated Links, we proposed a simple but highly effective link building strategy.

We recommended the following:

  • Curated Links Package 2 ($975)
    • 5x RD20-100 links
    • 4x RD100-250 links
    • 4x RD2050-500 links
    • 2x RD500+ links

Package 2 is one of our most popular curated link packages. With the diverse range of Referring Domains (RD) links, our experienced link building team can place links on relevant, authoritative, and pre-indexed sites, all whilst creating a natural and organic backlink profile. In addition, our client capitalized on an 8% discount by choosing one of our pre-built curated link packages, which ensured they got high-quality links for an adorable price.

The Strategy

Our strategy harnessed the full potential of our custom-tailored Curated Links service.

Before partnering with Rhino Rank, our client was already ranking on Google pages 4 and 5 for their target keywords. Recognizing the high search volumes associated with these terms, we knew that improving our clients’ ranking position for these keywords had the potential to significantly boost their online visibility and website traffic.

Over a period of 12 months, we deliver a one-of-a-kind link building campaign. We worked closely with our client to select the most impactful anchor text for each link, based on the “easy win” keywords we had previously identified. Each link was then approved by our Quality Assurance team before being placed on high-authority websites, accompanied by supplemental text to ensure each link appears as natural and organic as possible. 

We invented the concept of Curated Links back in 2017, with this link building method marking a new era in editorial link outreach and has several key advantages:

  • Contextual Relevancy: Our outreach team will always find the most suitable landing page for your link, thereby maximizing their SEO impact.
  • Expertly Written: Our content team creates the supplemental content that will surround your link, ensuring seamless anchor text integration.
  • 100% Manual Outreach: Our in-house outreach team reaches out to real webmasters to secure links within pre-existing, authoritative and topical content.
  • Competitively Priced: We are 25% cheaper than our competitors. This means you get the best quality links for less!

The Results

By the end of the 12 months, our mortgage broker client witnessed an extraordinary 179% increase in organic traffic.

This surge resulted directly from improved SERP rankings, with Google page 1 and 2 keyword rankings increasing 263%. However, the benefits of our curated link campaign didn’t stop there. This boost in online visibility also led to an increase in qualified leads, many of which converted into paying customers, and resulted in our client seeing 66% revenue growth compared to the previous year.

Given these remarkable results, it is no surprise that the mortgage broker has decided to continue working with Rhino Rank. They have now increased their investment in Curated Links to $1,500 a month, moving to our ‘Curated Links Package 3′, with the intent to utilize our bespoke Guest Posts service in the future.

In conclusion, this case study demonstrates the power of consistent link building. By strategically playing high-quality links on authoritative third-party websites you can create an organic backlink profile that generates real, tangible and long-lasting results. At Rhino Rank, we are proud to be a part of our client’s ongoing success story, offering them link building solutions that are aligned with their short-term and long-term goals.

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