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AI Technology Link Building Case Study

Worth an estimated $305 billion, Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, this also means it's one of the hardest industries to achieve success in. This case study showcases how a well-executed link building strategy can significantly boost a company's organic traffic and market position.


12 months

Traffic Increase


Monthly Budget


The Challenge

Ready for some AI business facts?

  1. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is set to reach $300 billion in 2024, and by 2032 this is predicted to increase to a staggering $1.8 trillion.
  2. It is estimated that there are around 67,200 Artificial Intelligence companies, with a large portion of these being based in the United States.

Mind-blowing isn’t it? These two statistics alone go to show that AI is one of the fastest-growing global industries, and with so many new start-ups being created, standing out from the competition and getting your business in front of the right people has never been more important. 

Our client, an up-and-coming AI Technology provider based in the United States, was struggling to get their website to rank on page one of Google, meaning they were losing out on valuable organic traffic and potential customer interactions. Their website was highly optimized for SEO, they were producing high-quality and informative content, and they had a dedicated local client base. The problem? They had virtually no incoming links, meaning their website’s authority and online visibility was incredibly low. 

Faced with this challenge, they turned to Rhino Rank with a clear objective: they wanted to increase their online authority and trustworthiness, and they wanted their website to appear higher on Google for their most profitable keywords. In this case study, we showcase how our Curated Links and Guest Posting services were used to form a powerful backlink profile for our client, ultimately increasing their ranking keywords, organic traffic, and client numbers!

The Solution

Our Curated Links are the most effective link building method we offer, as they drive strong link authority and deliver more “link juice” than other type of link. On the other hand, our Guest Posts drive powerful relevancy signals, as 750+ words of bespoke content is created to surround each link.

So, with a monthly budget of $2,750 dedicated to link building, we designed a comprehensive strategy that utilized the effectiveness of both our Curated Links and Guest Posts.

Curated Links to drive authority signals

  • Curated Links Package 4 ($1,900)
    • 10x RD20-100 links
    • 9x RD100-250 links
    • 7x RD2050-500 links
    • 4x RD500+ links

Package 4 includes 30 links. By having so many links at our disposal, we were able to work with our client to develop a diverse anchor text distribution profile, strategically utilizing the lower-grade links for branded keywords and generic AI terms and the more powerful RD500+ links for exact match AI-specific keywords. This tried-and-tested approach gave us the best chance of success. 

Guest Posts to drive relevancy signals

  • 2x DA40+ Guest Posts ($350)
  • 2x DA50+ Guest Posts ($500)

Incorporating DA40+ and DA50+ Guest Posts into the strategy allowed us to create powerful topical relevancy signals for our client’s website, boosting their overall brand visibility, credibility, and offering a rounded and comprehensive backlink strategy.


The Strategy

Over a 12-month period, we executed a complex link building campaign, closely monitoring the impact of the links we were placing and using the results gathered from this to influence the next set of link placements. 

All of our links are secured via a 100% genuine and manual outreach process. Meaning links are only ever placed on real websites owned by real people, ensuring each link appears as naturally and organically as possible. Not only that, but to ensure we always deliver high quality services, every link order is quality-checked by our in-house team to ensure they meet your business requirements and our own quality standards. 

We have been building premium Curated Links since 2017, meaning our experience and quality of service are unmatched. Over the years, thousands of businesses have purchased our Curated Links, and here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Affordability: Curated Links are the most cost-effective link building method available, meaning you can maximize your online visibility and authority without breaking the bank.
  • Faster Implementation: Say goodbye to prolonged outreach efforts. Identifying and partnering with website owners who accept backlinks is a relatively swift process. 
  • Faster Results: Experience tangible results in record time. Once live and indexed, Curated Links can quickly enhance your website traffic, search engine rankings, and overall SEO metrics.

Combining these links with our Guest Posting services is the best way to achieve consistent, long-term SEO results. With hundreds of bespoke Guest Posts written every month, here are some of the things our client was able to benefit from by using this service:

  • Content Control: We have full control over the content that surrounds each link. By creating 750+ words of unique content that have been tailored to our client’s brand’s voice and message, we ensured their website received powerful relevancy signals from authoritative sources.
  • Increased Visibility: By creating high quality backlinks from authoritative websites relevant to the AI industry, our client was able to get their website and brand in front of their target audience.
  • Increased Traffic: By securing powerful backlinks and enhancing their website’s authority, our client began to dominate Google’s search results and generate valuable organic traffic.

The Results

Ready to see how our AI client’s link building strategy performed?

Over a period of 12 months, our client experienced a strong 263% increase in organic traffic. This increase in traffic was a direct result of the improved SERP rankings, with this website becoming a major contender in the AI Tech industry ranking highly for some of the most competitive keywords.

AI Tech case study - organic revenue increase

But the good news doesn’t stop there! The site’s current organic traffic value is currently $98,000 per month and growing, which is a 513% increase compared to the previous year.

AI Tech case study - 263% traffic increase 

It is therefore no surprise that this client has decided to continue working with the Rhino Rank team, to further develop their link building profile and invest additional marketing funds into our Curated Link and Guest Post services. 

In conclusion, this case study demonstrates the power of strategic link building in driving organic traffic and boosting revenue for businesses working in Artificial Intelligence (AI). At Rhino Rank, we are proud to be a part of our client’s ongoing success story, providing bespoke link building services that not only meet but exceed expectations. 

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